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Civil, Commercial and Complex Business Litigation
After over sixteen years of litigation practice, Mr. Hiller understands that there are two vital components to being a successful lawyer. He strives every day to meet both.

First, Hiller Law is committed to achieving and maintaining continued excellence in the skills that make a great lawyer. This includes thorough preparation, steadfast advocacy in and out of the courtroom, thoughtful analysis and creative problem-solving.

Mr. Hiller pledges to work with the utmost diligence, perseverance and creativity to help you try to obtain the most favorable outcome. In addition, it is called the “practice” of law for good reason. There is always room for improvement throughout a lawyer’s career. Hiller Law therefore never rests. We seek every opportunity to learn, develop and grow in order to provide our clients with a product and service that gets better and better. 

Second, Hiller Law is committed to delivering excellent service to you. We operate in the legal services industry. Mr. Hiller therefore understands that he operates only to represent you and at your will and pleasure. You are the party to the case. Your interests are at stake. But Mr. Hiller takes ownership of your problems as if they were his own. Everything that he does and every action that he takes is geared toward serving your needs.

Whether you are familiar with our legal system or it is your first time, Mr. Hiller will be in contact with you every step of the way to communicate, explain, plan and listen.  With the technology we utilize, we are always accessible. Have a question? Ask. That is what he is here for. Mr. Hiller encourages client communication. With his commitment to alternative and value billing arrangements, your concern about the cost of any phone call or email to discuss your case is taken off the table.  

Hiller Law invites your feedback at every step and at any time. In order to best serve your needs, we want to know how are doing, what we are doing well and what we could be doing better. Our goal is to never receive a complaint about our service. But, if you ever have a concern, please tell us immediately. Hiller Law’s service objective is to have you rave about us to your contacts, friends, employees, partners and colleagues whenever our firm comes up.
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