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Civil, Commercial and Complex Business Litigation
Commitment to Efficient Technology and the Environment
If you have ever had a lawyer, or been involved in a lawsuit, you know that they typically involve mountains of paperwork. Usually, law firms generate and store a huge volume of paper. Hiller Law is committed to changing the way we practice law to conform with the aggressive steps taken by many businesses to adjust their operations to preserve a better environment.

It is likely that you and your business have taken these steps. We think your law firm should be no different. As an integral part of your team, we are following suit.

As a primary matter, our goal is to operate a paperless office -- or as close to it as possible. Hiller Law uses the latest technology for case management, communication, research and operations. We communicate with our clients electronically and store files in secure electronic locations. We are constantly looking for new ways to use the latest technology to further increase our efficiency. For instance, we plan to offer a client portal that will allow our clients to access a password-protected part of this site to view the important documents in their file. Although we cannot deliver all services without the creation of some paper, we strive to do this as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary.

When we do create paper or receive it, we recycle it when it is no longer necessary to preserve it. We also remove ourselves from junk mail lists and facsimile telemarketing campaigns.

A majority of the work on your matter can be done from any location that has Internet access. This cuts down on car travel and therefore greatly reduces our carbon footprint.

Mr. Hiller and his family are green in their house, using environmentally safe cleaning products, food and limiting their use of disposable products. They recycle as much trash as possible.

We encourage our clients to do what they can to protect and safeguard the environment for future generations.

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