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Civil, Commercial and Complex Business Litigation
Welcome to Hiller Law 
Your Trusted Business Litigation Firm
Your business succeeds because of talent, big ideas, perseverance, efficiency, and reliability. You should demand a law firm that commits to those same principles. Hiller Law does. If you or your business face a complex legal problem or dispute, we are here to help and guide you to resolution and get you back to your business.

If you are running a business, a lawsuit or threat of one is a serious matter. Our legal system provides a forum to protect your rights and assets, but can also present uncertainty, distraction and cost. You want a business litigation lawyer with the talent and skills to handle your case with care if a courtroom is where you need to be, or the savvy to find a creative solution to avoid a lawsuit in the first place. Most of all, you want a business litigation lawyer who is committed to developing a deep understanding of your business, your goals, and your objectives.  

Hiller Law provides first-rate litigation counsel to professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. With Hiller Law on your team, you will receive big law firm talent combined with the personal attention and lean efficiency found in smaller firms. We will strive to relentlessly protect your interests with skill and excellence second to none.

What separates Hiller Law from most litigation law firms is an unwavering dedication to client service. You will have a lawyer on your side that has not lost track of the fact that it exists only to serve you. Mr. Hiller understands that comprehensive and consistent collaboration between lawyer and client is a crucial component to increase your chance of a successful outcome.  

So with Mr. Hiller, you get genuine personal attention. You get the comfort of having the direct availability of the lawyer responsible for your case whenever you need it. You get litigation counsel that promises to make you understand what is happening with your case every step of the way. You get fast and efficient. You get a business litigation law firm that will listen to you. Most of all, you get a law firm whose primary goal is to become a valued asset to your business, and a trusted member of your team.

If you have questions or want to discuss your situation, please call Mr. Hiller at 919.607.2205 or email him at josh@hiller-law.com.

Hiller Law PLLC 
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Latest News:

1/27/14 - Winner Gets Attorneys' Fees? In North Carolina, Sometimes.

     A recent decision from Judge Murphy in the Business Court this past week highlights one exception to the general rule that parties to lawsuit bear the costs of their own attorneys' fees -- win or lose.

     Judge Murphy used NC Gen. Stat. § 6-21.5 to award attorneys' fees to a prevailing party based on the plaintiff's continued prosecution of claims that "lacked a justiciable issue of law or fact" after he admitted certain facts fatal to his claims at his deposition.

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